Importance of promotion in the music industry

The music industry is built on the communications industry.

Music, itself, is a way to spread ideas and communicate.  It can spread cultural practices, emotions, and beliefs.

I could talk much more about the influence of good music, but I want to talk about the business communication aspect of the industry.  As I have mentioned before, I used to intern for a company named Prime Social Group based in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  I used to help with the marketing of different musicians and nightlife events.  This internship showed me the importance of well planned and executed marketing campaigns. Some of the concert venues PSG uses hold up to 10,000 people.  That many seats is difficult to fill even for an A list artist. There are several techniques commonly used to promote an event that size.

1. Social media –

this has risen over the past few years to the most important advertising techniques when promoting artists.  Facebook events are created in hopes to encourage people to RSVP to the concert or event.  Twitter is also huge in spreading the word about an event.

2. promoters – promoters are hired to invite friends and strangers to the event.  Promoters are often asked to invite all of their Facebook friends to an event which is why these events usually have several thousand RSVPs.

3. Print collateral and ticket giveaways – many forms of collateral are often used such as fliers, posters, magazine ads, etc.  Ticket giveaways are popular also because of the excitement and buzz they create.



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