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Twitter for business and fun

There are several differences between live tweeting an event, tweetchat, and general tweeting for fun.  First, it is important to realize the different functions and potential uses of Twitter.   FUN: – Twitter can be used as a social medium to connect friends and share thoughts and schedules.   – It is often used as a … Continue reading

Philosophy on Communication

I have recently become interested in the philosophy behind marketing and communications in general.   After reading Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs, I have changed my views on design, marketing, and communication.  Steve Jobs stressed simplicity in his design and marketing strategy with Apple.  This has been an eye-opening aspect of quality communication.  People … Continue reading

PRSSA tweetchat

The PRSSA meeting discussing interviewing was very relevant to seniors like myself.  Mindi Wells joined the meeting as a guest speaker to lecture on different components of interviewing for jobs.  She discussed what questions are legal and which are illegal to ask in an interview.  Some were very surprising to hear.  An employer can not ask your … Continue reading